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About Kevin Hadsall

In his day job, Kevin Hadsall is an acquisition systems engineer for United States Air Force mobility aircraft.  He holds a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wilkes University, Wilkes-Barre, PA, and a master's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), WPAFB, OH.  Kevin is a military veteran of 6+ years, and served as an Air Force acquisition officer.  During his time in uniform, Kevin attended AFIT for his first assignment, and subsequently completed assignments at the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center.

For the first 22 years of his life, Kevin did not know Jesus.  He knew very little about the Bible, but was confronted with the Gospel in the fall of 2010.  Gospel means "good news," but for a while, Kevin struggled with the "bad news" in the Bible: the fact that all people, including Kevin, inherently deserve the eternal wrath of God for their sins.  One day in late February 2011, Kevin cried out to God, confessing that he only saw bad news instead of good news, and he asked God to help him know the Truth, no matter how hard it would be.  Shortly thereafter, God opened Kevin's eyes, and Kevin truly came to know the Good News.  God in the flesh, Jesus Christ, lived a perfectly holy and righteous life, and yet, He took the punishment that Kevin deserved by dying on the cross, so that he could be forgiven of his sins.  Jesus then rose from the dead, proving to the world that He is Lord of all creation, and guaranteeing eternal life for Kevin and all others who trust in Him.  In the moment that Kevin put his trust in the person and work of Jesus Christ, Jesus gave him a new heart and a new spirit, making him a whole new creation.  

Around that time, Kevin vowed to never date again unless he found a woman who loved Jesus first and foremost.  He decided it was not worth compromising that requirement even if it meant staying single the rest of his life.  However, Kevin did not need to wait long, because he met Melody just a couple months prior to being born again.  They started dating in March 2011 and got married in October 2012.  Kevin actually proposed to Melody in the outdoor garden of the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky, as a symbol of building their marriage on the foundation of God's Word.  Melody has a PhD in applied mathematics from the Air Force Institute of Technology, and works as a mathematician at WPAFB.  Kevin and Melody have two sons.

During Kevin's first year as a new creation, he struggled with the historical accounts of six-day creation, the flood, and other events described in Genesis.  Kevin grew up assuming evolution was true because he was taught evolution during high school and college.  After praying about it and expressing his concern to some friends, Kevin was introduced to Answers in Genesis.  Since then, Kevin has immersed himself with knowledge from dozens of books and DVDs from ministries such as Answers in Genesis and the Institute for Creation Research.  In December 2012, Kevin was inspired to speak on creation apologetics when he met a twelve-year old boy who doubted God's Word because he was being taught evolution.  Kevin knew he could not keep his knowledge of creation apologetics bottled up, but should share it with the world.  Since March 2013, Kevin has been speaking on creation apologetics at churches, Bible studies, and other special events.  Kevin is passionate about equipping other Christians with the knowledge of creation apologetics so that the body of Christ will firmly stand on the Truth of God's Word, and effectively defend the Gospel's foundation of biblical creation.  Kevin also engages in online debate with humanists as a witnessing tool, and shares the debate transcripts through his blog, Unmasking Humanism.