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Defending Noah's Ark

  • This presentation provides an in-depth analysis supporting the feasibility of God’s saving work via Noah’s Ark

    • Illustrates the true size of the Ark versus common misconceptions

    • Analyzes the seaworthiness of the Ark

    • Describes how many animals were on the Ark and how much space they needed

    • Analyzes manpower requirements in order to care for the animals

    • Briefly discusses post-flood recovery  

  • Answers questions such as,

    • “What about food and water for the animals?”

    • “How could 8 people take care of thousands of animals?”

    • “Were dinosaurs aboard the Ark?  If so, weren’t they too big to fit?”

    • “What about animals with climatic preferences such as polar bears and penguins?”

    • “How did freshwater fish and amphibians survive a global, oceanic flood?”