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Flood Geology

  • Most of the other presentations in this portfolio briefly reference the Genesis flood, but this one provides an in-depth analysis and defense

    • Presents a scientific model for the flood

    • Contrasts the biblical philosophy of rapid, catastrophic processes with the evolutionary philosophy of uniformitarianism (slow-and-gradual)

    • Details the link between the flood and the fossil record

    • Illustrates the link between the flood and rock layers

  • Answers questions such as,

    • “Where did the water come from, and where did the water go, for the flood?”

    • “Don't fossils form slowly and gradually?”

    • “Isn't the order in the fossil record a record of evolution over time?”

    • “Doesn't it take millions of years to form rock layers?”

    • "Doesn't radiometric dating prove that the rock layers and fossils are millions of years old?"