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One Blood, One Race,
and the Tower of Babel

  • This presentation shows how there is only one race: the human race (Acts 17:26)

    • Explains how we can have different shades of skin color even though we are all one race

    • Shows how the Tower of Babel makes sense of the various language families as well as numerous “tongue-twisting” legends found around the world.

    • Provides a biblical, scientific explanation for how humans lived upwards of 200, 400 and 900 years.

  • Answers questions such as,

    • “Where did Cain get his wife?

    • “How can there only be one race of people if we have different skin colors?”

    • “How did those people in Genesis (i.e. Adam, Methuselah, etc.) live for 900+ years?”

    • "How intellegent was ancient man compared to humans today?"

    • “What about the Neanderthals?”