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"Other Than the Bible, What Proof...?"

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

But from a skeptic’s viewpoint there is no proof of an afterlife. So, other than the Bible, what proof can you provide that an afterlife is real? –DK [Abbreviated name for ID protection]

This was a comment that I saw on one of evangelist Ray Comfort’s Facebook posts. Although I have long avoided Facebook debates because they can require many hours of time, I believe God is putting a strong desire in my heart to engage directly with Humanists. Therefore, I decided to set aside some time just for this purpose.

Some Christians were quick to tell DK that no evidence will ever satisfy his question, because he is not looking for the answer. This may be true, but I think we need to be careful not to judge the motive too harshly. What if there is a part of him that is genuinely seeking Truth? Since that may be a possibility, I encourage fellow believers to take that into consideration when someone asks a question such as this.

I replied to his comment and asked him, “DK, what is your standard of ‘proof’? Are you implying that it has to be observable and testable?”

I waited about 30 minutes or so and did not get a response, but there were many others commenting, so it could have easily been overlooked. Using the “Don’t Answer / Do Answer” strategy of Proverbs 26:4-5, I provided an answer.[i] I did not accept his presupposition that “proof” must come from something other than the Bible, but I did show him where he himself is actually borrowing from the Bible:

I don’t know whether or not you are typing a response to my question, but I will show you were I am going with this. You are asking an interesting question. If you define “proof” as being something that is observable and testable, do you also believe that a “Big Bang” created the universe? The Big Bang is neither observable nor testable. Have you ever witnessed something come from nothing? Have you ever witnessed “inflation,” the idea that the universe rapidly expanded faster than the speed of light? Did you witness the first generation of stars form? The answers to these questions should be “No.” These ideas are ultimately accepted by faith, let alone the fact that there are so many scientific problems with these claims. If you believe in the evolutionary worldview, you are lacking “proof” for your belief. I have faith in the afterlife, but it is not a blind faith. I believe the Bible to be trustworthy and true, which talks about an afterlife. Therefore, I would “prove” the afterlife by “proving” the Bible to be true. Perhaps the biggest “proof” that the Bible is true is the fact that you are borrowing a biblical idea to formulate your question. By asking the question, “…what proof can you provide that the afterlife is real?” you are implying a definition of “real” and “fake.” In other words, you are implying a definition of “true,” and “false.” How does the naturalistic, atheist worldview account for supernatural concepts such as “true” and “false”? That implies some sort of morality. Who defines the ultimate standard of what is true and false, or right and wrong? The naturalistic, evolutionary worldview cannot account for these moral concepts. These are biblical ideas. Jesus said to him, “I am the Way, and the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” –John 14:6

He did not respond directly to my post, but as I mentioned, there were many other people joining the discussion, so it could have been overlooked. I plan to engage the “skeptics” more often, showing them that their beliefs require faith...and much more faith!

[i] Avery Foley and Ken Ham, “Answering the Skeptics,” Answers in Genesis, 21 April 2015,


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