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"Atheists are Better Humans"

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

The debate that I discussed in my previous blog post did continue, but not for long. However, I believe the conclusion of the debate is worth its own blog post. Below are the final two posts:

CT: All of those concepts were contemplated by Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates nearly 400 years before Jesus was supposedly born. The Bible doesn't have a corner market on it, sorry. As far as I am concerned you might as well be using the word of Odin or Zeus. It's all the same. Human constructs to explain things they had no way to understand. Now we understand the natural world. Being Christian doesn't make you a good person and Atheists aren't bad, void of morals. As a matter of fact Atheists are better humans as when we do good it isn't for some special reward in heaven or out of fear of punishment in hell. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do as a human. We also have the bonus of not having wackjob religious leaders telling us to hate gay people or Muslims because "God" says so. We love all humans because they are humans just like us.

Me: Crystal, "contemplation" and "observation" are two totally different things. A contemplation without observation relies on faith, not fact. Are you willing to admit yet that your beliefs are based on faith, not fact? Also, are you telling me that Humanists believe in morality? By what ultimate standard do you define "right" and "wrong" in a naturalistic, atheistic worldview?

At the time of writing this post, which happens to be four days after I posted the above reply, I have not received a response. Certainly, it is very well possible that CT did not see it. Either way, I expect that she is unable to answer these questions.

I also find it fascinating that CT diverts the discussion from the topic of origins to the topic of morals. While she is unable to account for an ultimate standard of “right” and “wrong” in her naturalistic, atheistic worldview, she apparently believes that "atheists are better humans.” Perhaps CT’s comment represents the motivation of why she prefers to reject the Bible: because she refuses to acknowledge her sinfulness before the holy God.

Here’s a Bible verse that comes to mind:

And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil.—John 3:19

I like to share these debates because they reveal a lot about the heart and mind of the religion of Humanism. As for CT, I hope and pray that she will ponder on these questions.


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