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Creation vs. Evolution:
Why Does it Matter?

  • The most important presentation in this portfolio

  • Discusses the following:

    • The change in western culture from Christian to non-Christian

    • The loss of Christian morality and biblical worldview

    • The lack of Christian influence on our culture

      • Why is this happening?  

      • What is the root cause? 

  • Illustrates the foundational importance of Genesis:

    • How is the book of Genesis foundational to the rest of the Bible?  

    • How are specific doctrines such as marriage, sin, death, etc., based in Genesis?

    • How does Genesis connect to Jesus’ death and resurrection?       

  • Illustrates the problem and its devastating effects:

    • How does the age-of-the-earth issue relate to loss of biblical authority?

    • What are the moral consequences of man setting his own rules?

    • Can we fight moral issues without a foundation?             

    • What happens when the church accepts man’s word and not God’s Word?

    • How do evolutionary ideas affect the Gospel?          

  • Provides a solution

    • Appeal to come back to the authority of the Word of God       

    • Appeal to understand that Gospel and morality issues are founded in Genesis    

    • Appeal to fight against the world’s attack on Genesis and therefore Bible/Gospel   

    • Appeal to be resourced and equipped to answer the questions/attacks of the world