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The Big Bang: The Origins Myth of Humanism

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

The Big Bang theory is a very convenient belief if you want to set your own rules in life and justify your sinful desires and behaviors. You can use the Big Bang theory to believe that there is no Creator God to be accountable to. Similarly, you can simply invent your own god who initiated the Big Bang. In this case, you can define this god to be whatever you want it to be. You can believe in a god that thinks the way you do, sets the same rules you do, and always approves of what you do, no matter what!

The Big Bang theory claims that all time, matter, and space came into existence from absolutely nothing, about 13.7 billion years ago. A mysterious source of energy turned into matter as the universe started to expand. The story goes on to say that the matter formed into the lighter elements, which then formed into stars, when then formed into galaxies, and then planetary material formed from heavier elements birthed by exploding stars, and so forth. The evolutionary story continues on to claim that planet Earth and everything on it, including life, all evolved via random astronomical, geological, and chemical processes.

If you want to be your own god or invent your own god, then you can cling to the Big Bang as “scientific proof” that the God of the Bible does not exist. Yet, in order to do so, you have to ignore the fact that the Big Bang model is bad science. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • The Big Bang model predicts that the initial energy source would have been converted to an equal amount of matter and anti-matter, as to not violate the Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy. However, there is no sign of this supposed anti-matter.[i]

  • The cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation actually poses a devastating problem for the Big Bang model. The model predicts that the CMB radiation should contain hot and cold spots of significant temperature difference. However, the CMB radiation temperature of the universe is extremely uniform. You can always invoke “inflation” theory, but that is mere storytelling.[ii]

  • Galaxies that appear to be upwards of 12 billion light-years away from planet Earth are too “mature” for a universe that is supposedly 13.7 billion years old.[iii]

  • The first generation of stars supposedly formed from collapsing gas clouds of the lightest elements, hydrogen and helium. However, normal processes such as gas pressure, magnetism, and rotation forces work against the idea of collapsing gas clouds.[iv]

  • The Big Bang theory cannot account for the origins of the laws of morality, the laws of logic, the laws of physics, and the uniformity of nature.[v]

The Big Bang theory has encountered so many scientific problems, that the theory has been forced to mold and change over the years.[vi] The Big Bang of 30 years ago is not the Big Bang of today. Instead of throwing away the Big Bang model, most secular scientists simply change the model to somehow match the data. That is not science, but mere storytelling.

The Christian does not have to believe in such a blind faith. We can make accurate predictions in astronomy by starting with God’s Word in Genesis.[vii] God is the “Uncaused Cause” of the universe. He is eternal (Revelation 1:8), He was present in the beginning (Genesis 1:1), He is trustworthy (Deuteronomy 32:4), and He told us how He created the universe (Genesis 1). What does it profit us to invent our own god and reject the Creator’s ways, along with His gift of eternal life (John 3:16-17)?

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? –Mark 8:36

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