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Obey or Close Up Shop

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

What is one convenient way to outlaw Christian beliefs in America? Establish a different religion behind the guise of "civil rights." That is exactly what LGBT activists/humanists are trying to do when they sue Christian business owners such as Jack Phillips. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) recently heard oral arguments for Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Jack Phillips is the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop. In summary, he was sued by a homosexual couple because he refused to bake and decorate a wedding cake for their same-sex ceremony. Jack initially lost his case in the state of Colorado, where the Colorado Civil Rights Commission ordered Jack to either violate his faith by designing custom wedding cakes celebrating same-sex marriages, or stop designing wedding cakes altogether. Jack lost 40% of his business since, historically, 40% of his orders are for wedding cakes. Moreover, Jack and his staff were forced to endure a “re-education” program and file “compliance” reports to document their explanations for denying any custom cakes.[i]

The American Humanist Association posted a New York Times article that essentially claimed that the case is about civil rights, not religious freedom. There were many comments on the article, and it is apparent that most of the humanists have no problem forcing Christians to violate their beliefs. One humanist, KM (abbreviated for privacy), posted a comment claiming that Christian business owners should serve the "whole public" or “close up shop.” After a long string of comments in response to his comment, I offered my own response. I did not receive a reply from KM. However, I did receive responses from another humanist, RF. Below is the short debate thread.



When you open a business to the public, that means the WHOLE public!! If you think to push your religious agenda onto customers through your business, then, I suggest you close up shop and work in a church!!


KM: Let’s say you’re the owner of a bakery, and a customer asks you to bake a cake that celebrates marriage as one man and one woman. The cake design includes various Bible verses. I assume decorating a cake such as this would go against your beliefs. Here’s my question for you: would you be willing to bake and decorate that cake, or should you have the constitutional right to refuse?


No, Kevin Hadsall. Your example is NOT a valid comparison. Nothing about the decoration of the cake for the gay couple was discussed.


RF, I’m not interested in debating the specific details of who said what in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case. Put that aside for a moment and consider my question. What would you do if you were the bakery owner in my hypothetical scenario?


Your hypothetical scenario is irrelevant. Deal with the facts of this case.


Actually, it’s perfectly relevant to KM's original comment, which you apparently support. Earlier in this thread you said “Masterpiece Bakery isn’t a private business. It is open to the public.” So, let’s apply your logic. Let’s say you own “[RF] Bakery.” I come to you and ask you to bake a cake with a few Bible verses and a message that says “God made marriage in the beginning: one man and one woman.” Does “open to the public” mean that you have to bake the cake for me and decorate it according to my instructions? Or do you have the constitutional right to refuse my request because decorating a cake in such manner goes against your religion of humanism?


I checked the thread for up to two days after posting my last comment, and saw that I did not receive a response. The lack of response to my question is revealing. These particular humanists are not interested in constitutional freedom for all…they just want to forcefully impose their religious agenda on everyone else.

They may think that their worldview of humanism is not a religion, but my prayer is that their eyes are opened to see the truth that it is in fact a religion…and that they seek the one true religion (John 14:6) as written in the Word of God.

[i] Learn more at Alliance Defending Freedom:


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